Long live your yard

Lush beautiful gardens and lawns

Are you ready for it? The uncomplicated pleasures of natural beauty right outside your door. The joy of an outdoor patio space complete with a perpetually lush backdrop. The sheer delight of playing in the grass rather than mowing it! A Select Sprinklers system does all that.

  • Automatic irrigation that delivers the perfect amount for optimal growth
  • Water delivery methods to suit the plant life in any given zone
  • Fertilization programs available for added plant nutrients

Easy-to-use irrigation systems

The needs of your lawns and gardens vary throughout the season and change from year to year, so irrigation systems need to be able to handle some demanding conditions. Select systems are designed with the varying needs of your plants in mind and controller units have the advanced technology to respond to whatever comes along. So the perfect irrigation of your lawn is hassle-free and hands off!

  • DIY Controller programming or let us take care of it all for you
  • Highly customizable and responsive to whatever the weather brings
  • Low maintenance needs or Select maintenance services available

A friendly, helpful team!

With Select, you not only have the benefits of not doing any more work to get a lush, healthy lawn and garden, but the people who are committed to making it happen are a great bunch! It’s important to us, and we make sure we’re doing all we can to make your experience with us an enjoyable one

  • No-obligation consultations at your home
  • Design to suit your unique property and garden layout
  • Conscientious installation crew that cares about your gardens
  • Always available, quick to respond and happy to help!

Durable, lasting components and expert system design mean healthy gardens, cost-savings and many hassle-free seasons to come!

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